Our story

About The Cash Creative Music


Cash Creativity Music is a label brand that was established in the year 2017 own by CEO Dashawn Cash Known as Yung DCash Beatz his purpose of the label is to achieve his goal and making great kinds of music. The word (CASH) has a hidden and positive meaning behind it. CASH stand for (C. Creative A. Artist S. Stay H.Humble) which means that no matter if you an artist in music or a producer or an engineer or any type of development skill you always stay humble enough to achieve and reach your goal. Cash Creativity Music will be basic on giving and producing the good and unique quality of music that will catch people’s attention and that is different in a way in each style. Cash Creativity music is cataloged in the Hip Hop and R&B culture. Gerne is listed as Hip Hop.


R&B and Inspirational Soulful music. Music that can build, lift and bring any type of culture whether it is New York Style, Spanish Style or even Hip Hop Style from India to the community. Cash Creativity builds a good relationship with the culture of music and wanna bring the music culture into a NEW atmosphere such as NEW Cash Creativity sound kits, to Instrumental, to Mixtape and album and even a variety of different Independent and Non-Independent artists from all over the world. Cash Creativity as of right now is still building and working for the future that comes.

 If you ever have any questions on CASH CREATIVITY MUSIC or want to send your mixtape or album over you can feel FREE to contact at any time at cashcreativity.info@gmail.com or by ping-ponging on WhatsApp at 1-607-624-3178 Dashawn Cash the owner/CEO of Cash Creativity for more info. We hope you enjoy a moment and stay in tune for NEW and more updated on CASH CREATIVITY